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Protecting Your Home or Business 24/7

The US experiences an average of three burglaries every minute. Add in vandalism and other crime that number increases exponentially.
Yet despite the prevalence of crime, the amount of property loss due to burglary and other criminal acts has been steadily in decline.
Why? Because more homes and businesses are increasingly turning to professional security services to protect their families, employees, products, and belongings.

You don’t have to be a victim! Simple, effective, affordable and preventative measures such as 24/7 CCTV and Alarm Monitoring can be easily implemented by our team of industry leading security professionals, ensuring your home, business and everything that matters most in your life is protected day or night.

Customized Protection to Meet Your Unique Needs

Every property, home or business is unique; from the locations of doors and windows to layouts, square footage and the level of associated risk.
Some areas may be easy to visualize on CCTV, others not so much. Our team has experience working in virtually any setting or setup, from simple layouts to complex architecture and floor plans, we’ve seen it all.
Our technicians will identify areas of interest and risk, and will strategically set up monitoring for those checkpoints that matter most.

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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, allows our teams (and yourself) a bird’s eye view of your property, allowing you to quickly survey key areas and identify potential issues at the first sign of trouble.
When an alarm is triggered, we act fast. Simultaneously pulling up relevant footage while contacting you and having emergency services on standby.
If the trigger is a false alarm, we’ll call off the alarm; if not, we can initiate rapid response from emergency personnel.
CCTV and Security Systems are both powerful tools; brought together with our professional, expert support, they can save you money and hassle.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is a key component of any functional security system. Monitoring is especially useful when off premises, such as when at work and away from your home, or at home when away from the office.
Within seconds both you and your security team will be notified of any alarm trips, initiating further exploration into the issue and determining if it warrants an emergency response.

Security: Simplified

You carry enough burdens without having to worry about the security of your home or business. Let our team protect that which is most important to you. We can provide peace of mind, monitoring your property and reacting to the first sign of trouble. You can rest easy knowing that someone is always watching out for you, your loved ones, and your property.

It’s Simple: you can rely on our team of experts and our comprehensive, state-of-the-art alarm and CCTV systems.

The Benefits of 24/7 CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

An ounce of prevention is often worth a pound of cure— in this case, rapid response, property recovery and preservation of safety and assets.
Did you know that a burglar is less likely to target a house with visible surveillance cameras? By installing CCTV, you’re sending a clear message: we’ve taken precautions, and we are protected. This helps reduce your risk of internal theft for businesses, as well; let your employees know that you have taken steps to protect both their safety and your products. Employees who know they are valued are far less likely to steal from your business, and the ones who still might be tempted will find it more hassle than they bargained for.

What You Need, When You Need It

For the would-be criminals who don’t heed the warning, you can rely on our rapid incident response times: the moment your alarm or CCTV alerts us to an issue, we take the necessary steps to prevent loss— we’ll also contact you and keep you informed.
Having a comprehensive security team behind you also improves police response times. Because we are instantly alerted to any suspicious activity, we can quickly respond and contact dispatch. With clear, concise communication, we’ll get them the important details quickly so they can get to your property.
Occasionally, false alarms happen. With 24/7 monitoring, we can catch the false alarms before they cause panic or lead to false dispatches and cancel them out.
What happens when it’s time to press charges? We can supply the footage from your CCTV and expert testimony to ensure anyone who tried to damage or take your property faces justice.

Professional Service, Quality Results

For years our security services firm has put our customers’ safety and the protection of their assets as priority number one.
We’ve dedicated our lives to providing individuals and businesses alike with superior security solutions tailor-made and customized to meet any need, big or small, simple or complex.

From CCTV watch systems to alarm monitoring, access systems, guards and more, we know what it takes to keep what you care about most safe and secure.
Our technicians and team members are highly trained and up to date with the latest technology and security practices, leading the industry in forward-thinking solutions that get the job done right. Because when lives or assets are at risk, you only get one shot.

Are you ready to experience peace of mind knowing your property is protected? Call or drop us a message today to discuss our home and business alarm monitoring and CCTV or other security packages.

Highly Trained Professionals Defending Your Property

Integrity. Professionalism. Quality of Service. Customized solutions.
Owned and operated by certified security operators, our teams and technicians are a fully licensed and insured, with a long track record of successful outcomes for our clients.
CCTV and Alarm Systems are just a taste of the broad range of security solutions available. Reach out to us today to speak with a security professional about your concerns, needs and setup. We’d love to learn more about how we can help you gain peace of mind and secure your property and how we can partner with you to find the best solution for your premises.

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