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The executive lifestyle can be exciting, rich, and full of perks. But they say the greatest rewards often come with the highest risks. Having a high profile, wealth or popularity can put a target on your back, and at higher risk for theft, assaults, and other crimes.

Because of this, many individuals in executive positions such as government officials, VIPs, corporate CEOs, and celebrities may benefit from a more comprehensive and hands-on form of security.

Executive security services not only offer protection for you and your assets, but they can also bring some much-needed peace of mind and a sense of reduced stress and relaxation, knowing that you’re in capable and diligent hands.

Our industry leading security services firm offers several types of executive security services and can customize a plan or strategy to perfectly fit your unique circumstances.

Whether you are in need of a personal bodyguard 24/7, or a full team of highly trained professionals at your side, you can always count on us to be fully prepped for any challenges you may face as you take on the world!

Our team consists of expertly trained guards with the ability to think and react quickly to any potentials threats that may arise.

Reasons you may need executive security protection

Whether you’re a high ranking government official, the head of a fortune-500 company, or a local celebrity with a growing following, there a number of reasons you may be in need of an extra level of protection.
Let’s face it, the world we live in is not always the safest. But with our team at your side you’ll be well taken care of and free to focus on your day without the worry of any harm coming your way.

We believe all threats should be taken seriously. When it comes to the safety and well-being of your person, family or assets, it’s always better to veer on the safe side. Our team is fully trained to protect you from any potential threat, large or small.

Terminations are never pleasant, but sometimes necessary to keep your company running smoothly. Help eliminate any hostilities that may arise while your company downsizes by having our highly trained professionals at your side.

Union disputes can sometimes get ugly. With tempers and emotions running high, words can quickly turn to violent actions. Our guards can help calm the situation before tensions escalate.

New environments offer new challenges, and new risks. When you travel with an executive guard at your side, you’ll be looked after by professionals that have researched the area, understand local customs and laws, and that will keep you clear of any issues or misunderstandings.

Emotions can often run high at important shareholder meetings. Having a well-prepared security team on hand can help everyone involved remain calm.

When scheduled for a speaking event, you should be able to fully focus on perfecting your speech, not worrying about safety. Let our team handle the security details so you can focus on wowing your audience and delivering your message.

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Types of Executive Security and Protection Services

We understand that not all executive personnel require the same type of security services, that’s why we offer a wide range of security measures, giving you the ability to put together a customized security detail tailor-made for your unique circumstances.

Personal bodyguard: our fully licensed and trained bodyguards are prepared to tackle any potential threat. Your comfort and safety are our utmost concern. We understand how important it is for you to be able to carry out your business without worrying about safety.

Full executive security team: In some situations, a larger security detail may be required. Whether you’re planning a large-scale outdoor event or just require an extra level of protection at your corporate headquarters, we can put together a highly trained team who are fully certified and ready for anything.

Protective surveillance: For those who require additional privacy, we are also able to provide protective executive surveillance. Rest assured that although your professional surveillance team is out of sight, they will always be close enough to react if a threat arises.

Personal security driver: A safe method of transportation is a must for any executive or VIP. In addition to offering personal security and surveillance, we can also provide professionally trained drivers.

What to look for in executive security

When seeking security, it’s important to choose a company with experience in the very unique needs the executive lifestyle requires. A well-trained executive security team should be alert and ready for anything, possessing the ability to react before a situation escalates.

You want to select a team with impeccable training and a professional demeanor at all times. Your personal executive guard should be able to remain unobtrusive, allowing you to complete your work without getting in the way while remaining close enough to catch any threats before they are able to cause you any harm.

Why we are the best choice for your executive protection

Our executive security personnel are fully trained to confront any type of risk that may arise in order to keep you out of harm’s way. We are able to quickly assess any threats in the area, neutralizing them before they are able to escalate into emergency situations.

In addition to possessing threat assessment, de-escalation, and problem-solving skills, we also understand that the busy lives of executives also require discretion and a professional appearance at all times.

Call us today so we can help you build your ideal executive security plan. Consultations are always free and confidential!

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