Mobile Patrol Security

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Professional Security Patrol Services

Your home, your business. Your loved ones. Your Employees. Your property. Whatever you need us to protect, we’re here to make sure you and what matters most is diligently watched over and in the best of hands.
Many criminals are put-off by visible and constant protection. With our guards’ presences alone, you can enhance your employees’ safety and reduce the risk of property damage through vandalism or theft.

Our security patrol and mobile patrol guards wear distinctive uniforms that identify their role and assert authority. Cars and other vehicles are also distinctively marked and kept in pristine professional condition.

Prevent and Solve Security Issues with Highly-Trained Security Patrol

Whether you request guards to patrol on foot or take advantage of our mobile patrol options on bicycle, golf cart, or in a car, our team will provide a constant presence. Every one of our officers is highly trained in matters of security and perception— they can help deescalate concerning situations and help prevent crime altogether.

  1. Alert you to any unsafe conditions
    1. fire hazards
    2. water leaks
    3. power outages)
  2. Deter theft, trespassers, and vandalism
  3. Detect emergencies and fires
  4. Escort to cars during dangerous situations
    1. night shift employees heading home
    2. disgruntled former employees
    3. threats
  5. Rapid response to emergencies

Information is a powerful tool, and we understand you want to know how your guards are performing. Our teams provide detailed accounts of each patrol, including written reports and activity logs or incident reports.

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Protect Your Investments with Customizable, Around-the-Clock Patrols

  1. Vehicle Patrols
    1. Distinctive, marked cars making visible rounds
    2. Property tours in addition to parking decks or lots
    3. Random pattern drive-throughs
    4. Vacation and Community watch programs
  2. Foot Patrols
    1. Make a specified number of visits through the day
    2. Check entire property
    3. Check doors, locks, vehicles, windows, and any other requested space
    4. Ensure office spaces are secure and cabinets locked
    5. Check safety hazards such as fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, pipes, and other abnormalities
  3. Bicycle Patrols
    1. Ride through campus in random routes
    2. Ride around property not vehicle-friendly
    3. Tour parking decks and lots

Our security guards have been asked to lock and unlock facilities, turn lights or HVAC on and off, close windows, provide after-hour escorts, and respond to alarms. If needed, they can also coordinate with local law enforcement or emergency personnel.

Enhance Your Safety While Containing Costs

Visible patrol officers can help maximize the efficiency of any current security. For businesses on a budget, they can offset the need for a dedicated, on-site guard. Investing in security protects everything on the property, be they loved ones, employees, or assets. Save yourself the hassle and cost of property damage and loss or expensive medical bills by providing protective patrol services.

To learn more about our customizable patrol offers, call our offices today. Our friendly and courteous personnel will connect you with someone who can answer any of your questions and get you the protection you need.

How Can We Help You?

Please let us know if you have any questions, you can reach us via email or via a toll-free line (866) 788-1259