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Retail Security Services and Your Business

When stores are crowded, the potential grows for trouble, and any type of unwanted situation can be harmful for business. But loss of property is minor when you compare it to loss of life, which is why retail security services are so important for your business.

At the end of the day, it is the owner’s or property manager’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their customers, patrons and employees, and what better way to safeguard customers during their shopping experience than to hire a skilled, experienced security team.

Why Retail Security is Important

Retail security services are important and needed to not only protect the safety of your customers, but also to safeguard your business, assets and employees. Our team of industry leading security specialists thrives on protecting your business, customers, and inventory.

As a retail business owner, it’s important to implement a loss prevention strategy in order to eliminate all avenues for loss. By providing uniformed, highly visible officers at all entrances and exits, you are giving prospective thieves a visible deterrent. Inventory loss costs the retail industry $45 billion each year.

Internal theft, shoplifting, organized retail crime, and fraud regularly cripples retail business owners’ profit margins. In hiring a retail security firm, you not only protect your profits, you also give yourself peace of mind.

But that’s not all, take a look at data from industry research demonstrating the devastating impact of retail crime on site:

Workplace/Retail Violence Data

  • 424 violent deaths reported in retail locations in 2017. (Source: D&D Daily)
  • 12% year over year increase in violent deaths as compared to 2017. (Source: D&D Daily)
  • Criminal acts in retail stores rose 11% in 2018 (Source: D&D Daily)
  • 32% of workplace fatalities occur during an employee’s work shift. (Source: National Center for Victims of Crime)
  • 26.3% of workplace homicide victims work in sales/retail. (Source: National Center for Victims of Crime)

Theft, Shoplifting and Organized Crime Data

  • The average cost per shoplifting incident doubled to $559. (Source: NRF Survey)
  • Organized Retail Crime (ORC) costs the industry an estimated $30 billion annually. (Source: NRF)
  • 71.3% of retailer sites surveyed reported an increase in ORC year-over-year. (Source: NRF)
  • Burglaries and robberies have risen 8.6% since 2016 (Source: D&D Daily)

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The Benefits of Retail Security

In hiring a professional security team, you are giving yourself, your employees, and your customers much needed peace of mind. Having retail security officers present also sends out a message that you deeply care for everyone’s wellbeing and safety. With our team of industry leading security specialists on site, you will feel confident that your employees are working in a stress-free environment. Not only will your employees relax, but your customers will also feel at ease knowing that they are in a controlled and safe retail space.

Additional retail security benefits that you will receive with our team are:

  • An understanding that a trained professional is always around looking out for the overall wellbeing of your store, customers, and employees
  • Someone trained to be on 24/7 lookout for signs of suspicious activity or behavior
  • Trained, expert security guards who are ambassadors for your business
  • The ability to customize the security level based on the individual needs of your unique business
  • A team that provides discreet services against both perceived and actual threats

Rest assured, our company is both licensed and insured. Our trained expert security guards regularly take part in training seminars so that they can best handle any and all issues that arise while on the job at your retail space. Our guards pride themselves on making sure your business will remain safe while giving both customers and staff a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Our Services

We offer a wide array of security services to fit all of your individual needs. Some of the most requested services that our team of expert security specialists offer are:

  • Retail loss prevention
  • Commercial security
  • Restaurant security
  • Lobby security
  • Construction site security
  • Building security plans
  • Liabilities and asset searches
  • Concierge services
  • Access control and security

Why You Need Our Skilled Team of Security Professionals

In today’s tough world, the threat to your business and livelihood is greater today than it was even a mere five years ago. The potential for loss, regardless of what type of business you run, is elevated. Our team of leading industry security specialists can help because we offer features that other security companies simply cannot compete with.

Our years of experience and excellent reputation sets us far ahead of other security firms on the market today. Our long-term clients continually renew their contracts with us each year because of the superior services that our team provides. Because of our long-standing reputation and the fact that we are highly-respected, our security firm has expanded to new locations throughout the United States.

Not only does our company have a strong, long-standing reputation, you should know that our security guards are also exceptional. We have the most qualified guards in the business who are regularly re-trained and tested to ensure they are at the top of their game.

Our skilled team routinely invests in the most modern equipment in order to ensure that they have the best, most up-to-date tools and technology at their fingertips. Rest assured that when you hire our team of experts, you are getting the highest level of protection for your business as well as service from guards that have the know-how, skills, and equipment to best handle the job while meeting and exceeding all of your expectations.

Our Team is the Future of Retail Security

Our team of trained security guards will make sure that you don’t lose business over safety issues that can easily be avoided with the help of our thoroughly trained, skilled, expert guards.
Our team of professionals and guards understands that every retail center is unique.

Likewise, we know that each need will vary based on the individual needs of each business. In light of this, we are committed to offering our clients customized security plans that are tailored to fit their specific needs. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all solutions with our reputable organization. We make it our business to take the time to get to know you, your employees, as well as your customers.

If you’ve been looking for the best security team to safeguard your retail space and offer peace of mind to both your employees and customers, then give our team of skilled industry security specialists a call today.

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