Hotel Security Services

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Hotel Security Services

When operating a hotel, you’re number one priority is in assuring your guests feel safe, comfortable, and at home in your establishment.

Giving your guests the added assurance of an expertly trained security team will help them fully enjoy their vacation or business trip, knowing the facility and their belongings are safe under a caring and watchful eye 24/7.

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Why hotel security is so essential

Hotels are often lively establishments, filled with vacationing families, business travelers, and jet-setting entrepreneurs expecting not only top-notch services and amenities, but also a sense of safety and ease.
The “comings and goings”, and a never-ending revolving door of strangers passing through, creates a situation ripe for potential security issues and concerns.

There are numerous benefits to having the right security team on hand to assure the safety of your guests, staff, and facilities such as:

  • Ensuring the safety of all hotel personnel
  • Making guests feel safe and secure
  • De-escalating potentially threatening situations
  • Theft and loss prevention
  • Prevention of property damage
  • Keeping out unwanted guests
  • Providing emergency first aid and CPR assistance

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Additional instances when extra security may be required

Your hotel may host special events such as conventions, business conferences, weddings, and corporate events which may require special security services such as:

  • Crowd control for large scale events
  • Private and secure transportation
  • Gate attendants

What to expect from a well-trained hotel security team

Not all guards and security personnel are cut out for the complex needs of a large hotel. Hotel security requires guards who are alert to everything that is going on around them while still being able to present a friendly and professional demeanor. They must be fully trained in reading body language, quickly assessing potentially dangerous situations, and catching all the fine details that make the average day at a hotel run smoothly.

Professional appearance and demeanor: A nice hotel is the epitome of elegance and class and your security team needs to fit in with your brand identity and structure by presenting a professional appearance and demeanor which makes guests feel not only safe but comfortable and welcome.

Highly alert with an eye for detail: Hotels require a range of security needs and for security to be effective, the security team must be highly alert to their surroundings and the inner workings of the hotel. A keen eye for detail and the ability to notice when the slightest aspect is out of place is imperative.

The ability to react quickly when the need arises: In almost any security situation it is important to have a security team that is able to think on their feet and react quickly to any altercation or security risk that may arise.

Why we are the best choice for your hotel security needs

Our security team is highly trained to handle any of the above situations while maintaining a professional and courteous attitude that will make all your hotel guests and staff feel at ease.

Contact us today for a security consultation so we can fully assess your needs and help you develop a security strategy that will help your hotel operate safely and smoothly.

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