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The Top Fire Watch Security Service

Is your fire alarm malfunctioning? Do you manage or own a business or facility with a high risk of fires due to combustible or corrosive materials? Is your business being threatened with fines or a shutdown due to fire risk or hazards?

If any of the above sound familiar, it is time to hire our team of industry leading fire watch security service specialists. Our fire watch services are effective, affordable and reliable, ensuring you, your employees, your business and all of its assets are under careful and expert fire watch 24/7/365 (or as needed).

Our team provides hotels, businesses, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, campuses, and more with top-notch 24-hour fire watch services.

From public to private sector, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done to the highest of standards, ensuring the safety and reputation of your business remain steadfastly in-tact.

Round The Clock Fire Watch Services

Our team of industry leading specialists offer nationwide, round the clock fire watch services for businesses large and small, simple or complex.

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Hire a Fire Watch Security Service you can Count on Today

Let us take the worry out of fire prevention through our 24/7 monitoring, fire watch guard and security services. Along with our fire watch services, we are also one of the top-rated security watch service companies in the nation. Not only do we provide 24-hour fire watch services, but we also offer unparalleled security services such as emergency coverage, shift coverage, and much, much more.

Because we understand that we are living in volatile times, we pride ourselves on being one of the best, forward-thinking security firms in the industry. Therefore, we train our staff in a variety of fields including home alarm systems, private and public shows, festivals, concerts, business and residential security, and more. Our staff is able to be placed in any type of situation and can be depended upon to deliver exceptional services. Contact us today to let one of our experts give you a free, no-risk quote.

Reliable 24-Hour Fire Watch Services you can Count On

Prompt and professional, we can often have a skilled guard to your designated location in a matter of hours. Our licensed fire watch officers are specially trained and have years of experience delivering emergency fire watch services.

Our services are especially useful if you are having issues with your current fire alarm systems or are in the process of installing or upgrading your fire alarm system.

Our dedicated team of emergency fire watch guards stay with you until your fire protection systems and sprinkler systems are completely installed, fully operational, and have been both inspected and approved by your local fire marshal.
Our company is insured in all 50 states. We both meet and exceed most fire marshals’ standards for fire watch services, making sure you are covered.

Our fire watch professionals provide reliable and responsive security services to a wide variety of industries. We work hard for our clients, whether permanent or temporary, to provide the most extensive 24/7, on-call fire watch services for emergencies, construction, shift coverage, etc., that our industry has to offer.

Risk Assessments and Customized Solutions

Additionally, our experts routinely conduct risk assessments that are used to customize clients’ individual fire watch needs. If you are looking for fire watch services provided by a reputable, skilled, experienced company, then look no further than our team.

Regardless of whether we are watching over a business or a condominium complex, our team of experts makes sure you are fully safeguarded and protected. In today’s world, we know that different businesses require different types of fire watch options. In light of that, our fire watch officers are trained to work in a wide array of industries, from private and public spaces, to construction sites, residential areas, and more.

Your Fire Watch Partner

Our dedicated team works alongside business owners to reduce fines and over costs so that businesses can open their doors and run without issue. Rest assured, our fire watch security guards have years of experience and training and go above and beyond to meet the rigorous demands of local fire marshals.

Fire Watch FAQ’s

What is a fire watch service?

A fire watch is a provisional agreement where a guard will patrol buildings and other types of property for fire hazards. Fire watches are conducted when there is a high probability of a fire-related incident. As an example, any time welding, soldering, flame-cutting, riveting, and brazing are taking place on a construction site, fire watches are necessary. Likewise, fire watches are needed if there is a high probability of a fire due to a malfunctioning alarm or sprinkler system.

What are the responsibilities of fire watch teams?

Trained fire watch guards’ duties vary from job to job and from location to location. A basic task that guards all complete is the checking of all exits and fire extinguishers. All guards carry the necessary materials to execute a speedy evacuation and notify occupants in the event of a fire emergency. Our personnel also carry a portable horn, flashlight, writing materials, a copy of their specified duties, and an all-access key set on them at all times.

What don’t fire watch teams do?

Even though orders differ for every team based on the site and state, all guards are issued clear, concise instructions not to extinguish a fire unless it is absolutely safe for them to do so. They may also put out fires if given express instructions to do so. As a rule of thumb, our guards do not perform any task that could not be done by any civilian.

Does my business need a fire watch?

If you’re still wondering whether fire watch services are needed for your business after learning about said services, then chances are you need the type of services that our expert team has to offer. As stated previously, fire watch services are necessary when a building has a malfunctioning fire alarm or sprinkler system.

Construction sites that have welding, riveting, and other “hot work” need fire watch services too. Other reasons for hiring fire watch professionals include a malfunctioning burglar alarm or access control system, or power outages caused by a natural disaster. When in doubt, it’s always best to put a phone call into your local fire marshal to discuss whether or not you absolutely need fire watch services.

What is the cost of Fire Watch Services?

Typically, fire watch services run anywhere between $35-50 and up per hour depending on location, business type and emergency status. Alternatively, if your local fire marshal needs to staff the occupancy, they generally will charge upwards of $200 per hour for the simple fact that he is using fire department personnel and has to pay for the overtime.

About Our Team of Highly Skilled Industry Leading Specialists

Our team is recognized as a leader in fire watch services. We have a long and demonstrated track record of providing superior services and support for our customers.

We offer our clients comprehensive and customizable service plans following the latest in fire safety protection trends and industry standards.

Our uniformed fire security guards receive specialized training so they can set up alarm controls, provide crowd management, as well as other services to guarantee the overall safety of your residence or business from fire or arson. Our company is passionate at delivering you the best in on-site monitoring, fast response times, and specially trained guards for high-risk corporations.

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